What is the BAROSTIM NEO?

The BAROSTIM NEO consists of the following components:

  • Stimulation Lead – A soft, thin wire that has a tiny disc at the end that is called an electrode. The lead carries the energy that activates the baroreflex. It is placed in your neck, where the electrode makes electrical contact with your baroreceptors.
  • Implantable Pulse Generator – A small power source that provides the energy that the lead requires to activate your baroreflex. It is placed below your collarbone and can be tailored to your specific therapy needs.
How Does the BAROSTIM NEO Work?

BAROSTIM THERAPY Rebalances Your Body's Natural Regulation System

The brain controls the function of internal organs in your body, including those that make up the cardiovascular system, like the heart, blood vessels and kidneys through the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS works without you having to think about it and has two main divisions:

  • Sympathetic nervous system – Responsible for the “fight-flight” reflex, it stimulates organs for increased physical activity.
  • Parasympathetic nervous system – Responsible for the rest-digest reflex, it relaxes organs and helps promote digestion.

In heart failure, there is an imbalance between these two divisions of the autonomic nervous system. The sympathetic system is overactive, and the parasympathetic system is suppressed. This imbalance is harmful to the heart.


BAROSTIM NEO is designed to use a 4-step process to manage heart failure:

BAROSTIM NEO sends signals via a wire (lead) to special cells in the carotid artery

These signals activate the body’s baroreceptors, which send signals to the brain

The brain sends signals to the heart, kidneys and blood vessels

The body responds by relaxing blood vessels, slowing the heart and reducing fluid


  • BAROSTIM NEO has shown to be safe in three separate clinical trials12-14
  • 97% of patients in the most recent trial were free from major adverse neurological cardiovascular events at 6 months12

Minimally Invasive

  • BAROSTIM NEO is delivered through a minimally invasive procedure
  • Procedure requires 60 minutes on average and you usually go home the same day


  • BAROSTIM NEO is the only heart failure therapy that does not go into the heart or vasculature
  • Procedure is completely reversible leaving your heart muscle intact

BAROSTIM NEO Placement Procedure

Implanting this device is, I think, a lot simpler compared to implanting a device that requires putting wires in the heart.

Dr. Rodrigo Chan
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