Investigator-Initiated Research

Have a research idea? We actively support investigator-initiated research and would like to hear your proposals.

Program Overview

Thank you for your interest in CVRx® and the BAROSTIM Investigator-Initiated Research (BIIR) program. CVRx is dedicated to supporting IIR to generally advance scientific knowledge through the support of IIR proposals from investigators and specifically to further generate evidence to support the improvement of patient care and outcomes using Barostim. Each submission is evaluated by the BIIR committee for scientific merit, novelty, and alignment with CVRx’s strategic focus.

Although CVRx may provide funding and limited technical and/or other support for approved BIIR proposals, CVRx is not the sponsor of these research / studies. The investigator and/or investigator’s institution is the sponsor of the research or study, and is therefore responsible for the design, conduct, and outcome of the research, as well as understanding and complying with all regulatory requirements related to the research.



CVRx® Barostim Investigator-Initiated Research Program