CVRx Receives Innovator of the Year Award

Minneapolis, Minn., August 23, 2006 – CVRx Inc., a private company that has developed an implantable medical device to treat high blood pressure, announced today that Dr. Robert Kieval, as president and chief executive officer, received a Finance and Commerce Innovator of the Year 2006 award.Dr. Kieval, a company founder, and the CVRx team have developed the Rheos™ Baroreflex Hypertension Therapy™ System, which is intended for use in patients who cannot control their blood pressure with medications and lifestyle modifications.

“In just a few years, our exceptional team has advanced what began as a promising concept to the point where we are now providing therapy to patients in clinical trials, and we are delighted with the results thus far,” said Kieval. “We have demonstrated that Rheos can reduce blood pressure in patients, and we are working closely with the FDA on plans for a pivotal clinical trial of our product. This unique approach to managing high blood pressure has the potential to improve the lives of patients with high blood pressure and prevent more serious disease.”

Approximately 25 percent of people with hypertension cannot control their high blood pressure, despite the use of multiple medications. High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects about 65 million people in theUnited States. It is a leading cause of stroke, heart attack, heart failure and kidney disease and causes an estimated one in every eight deaths worldwide.

The Rheos System is an implantable device that is designed to reduce blood pressure by using mild electrical signals to influence the body’s blood pressure regulation system, known as the baroreflex. This investigational device is currently in clinical trials in Europe and the United States. For more information visit

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John Brintnall, Vice President of Finance, (763) 416-2853.

CAUTION: CVRx Rheos System is an investigational device and is limited by Federal (orUnited States) law to investigational use only.

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