CVRx® has developed a proprietary implantable technology designed for the treatment of heart failure and high blood pressure.

BAROSTIM NEO™ uses CVRx® patented technology that is designed to trigger the body’s own natural blood flow regulation system to treat these conditions. BAROSTIM NEO™ can be adjusted to meet each patient’s individual therapy needs.

A small device with a powerful effect

BAROSTIM THERAPY™ is effectively administered through BAROSTIM NEO™, a minimally-invasive, long-lasting device.

Subcutaneous, implantable system:

BAROSTIM NEO Carotid Sinus Lead Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) Device:

Carotid Sinus Lead:
A 2mm electrode is attached to the carotid artery and connected to the IPG, with the design to electrically activate the baroreceptors.

Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG) Device:
An implantable pulse generator is inserted under the skin, below the collar bone, delivering an electrical stimulation through the lead.

Wireless Programmer System:
A programmer system enables the clinician to customize therapy to the patients’ needs. The unique on/off capability can promote the observation of the differences that BAROSTIM THERAPY™ makes in blood pressure and other hemodynamic parameters.

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