Patient Story


Healthwise, I'm back exercising and walking. I'm pretty much doing everything that I was doing.

Receiving BAROSTIM THERAPY since June 2018
Patient Story


I'm able to do the things I've always wanted to do.

Receiving BAROSTIM THERAPY since September 2013
Patient Story


Amazingly happy, tears of joy that I haven't had in probably 10 years.

Receiving BAROSTIM THERAPY since April 2018
Patient Story


If it wasn't for this device I sure think I wouldn't be here.

Receiving BAROSTIM THERAPY since September 2017
Patient Story


We don't have the fear anymore.  We don't have the anticipation of something going wrong.  Its just been a blessing for us to be able to say we are going to be around awhile.

Receiving BAROSTIM THERAPY since July 2017

Who can get the BAROSTIM NEO?

If you answer YES to the questions below then contact your doctor regarding BAROSTIM NEO or reach out to us to be connected to a doctor in your area:

Heart Failure

Has a medical doctor diagnosed you with heart failure?


Are you taking medications prescribed by your doctor to treat your heart failure symptoms?

Persistent Symptoms

Despite taking the medications prescribed by your doctor, does chronic fatigue and breathlessness prevent you from going on a walk or going up the stairs?

Not a candidate for CRT

Do you have an ejection fraction (a measure of heart pumping efficiency) of 35% or less?

Are you part of the 59%?

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