Helping Patients with Heart Failure

Helping Patients with Heart Failure

We are the 59%

We are the 59%

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"We implanted the device, and he's just done spectacularly well."

Revolutionary Therapy

Barostim - the world’s first neuromodulation device for the treatment of heart failure.

Patient Story


Healthwise, I'm back exercising and walking. I'm pretty much doing everything that I was doing.

Receiving BAROSTIM THERAPY since June 2018
Physician Testimonial

Dr. Brian Howard

We implanted the device and he’s just done spectacularly well—much better than we expected without the device. This device for him has changed his trajectory. Instead of being a higher risk heart failure patient, he’s actually a low-risk heart failure patient right now with a very good quality of life. He coaches basketball. He plays basketball. He...pretty much does what he wants, which is my goal for every heart failure patient I take care of.

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CVRx® pioneers unique therapies that harness and harmonize the body’s natural systems.

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    CVRx® is a leader in innovative technologies that address the unmet needs in cardiovascular diseases with safe and effective therapies. Headquartered near Minneapolis, Minn., CVRx is dedicated to improving patient outcomes, quality of life and overall cardiovascular health via novel baroreceptor neuromodulation therapies.