Shortness of breath

Heart failure symptoms suck the life out of you.

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A novel treatment option

If you suffer from the symptoms of heart failure, and the medications you have been prescribed are not enough to help you return to the activities you enjoy, Barostim may be the right therapeutic option for you.

How Barostim™ therapy works

Barostim is a simple and implantable device that works by stimulating baroreceptors – natural sensors in our body that tell the nervous system how to regulate heart, kidney and vascular function. These effects may reduce the heart’s workload and help it pump more efficiently, helping to relieve the symptoms of heart failure.

Patient outcomes

Barostim has been shown to safely improve symptoms of heart failure and your quality of life.


Barostim patients were able to walk 60 meters farther in 6 minutes than patients on medications alone.

of Life

Barostim patients had 3 times greater improvement in quality of life scores than patients on medications alone.


Two out of 3 patients with Barostim improved at least one whole NYHA class in 6 months.

response rate

94% of patients had significant improvement in at least one of the three measures.

1. Zile MR, et al. J Am Coll Cardiol 2020; 76:1-13
2. Abraham WT, et al. Symptomatic endpoint responder rates to Barostim Therapy, ESC Abstract 2019

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Turn your heart failure into heart success

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