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Our life goal is to make yours better

Our vision

CVRx® advances health for people everywhere, giving each patient a fuller life.

CVRx® pioneers unique therapies that harness and harmonize the body’s natural systems, benefiting society and making CVRx® a universal role model in healthcare.

Our values

Commitments are sacred

Honor relationships by doing what we say, when we say we’ll do it.

Pioneer with purpose…and a smile!

As individuals, team leaders, and industry innovators, it’s how we pave the way forward that defines us.

Determination overcomes targets

Determine the pathway, overcome obstacles, accelerate, and successfully implement.

Bold mindset, driven spirit

Always push the boundaries, energetically seeking out impactful opportunities, and inspiring others.

Collaborate with enjoyment

Achieve goals and celebrate as a team.

Embrace the challenge of change

Have an eye for identifying when change is needed, and the flexibility to chart a new course.

World’s first neuromodulation therapy to improve heart failure symptoms.

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Barostim NEO2 heart failure device
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Our people are our greatest strength. At CVRx, we look for individuals who seek a challenging, growth-oriented and friendly environment. Interested in joining CVRx?

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Quality is at the center of all that we do. Our policy is to deliver high quality and reliable products and services that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers, regulatory bodies and our own Quality System.

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The CVRx leadership team is an experienced and dedicated group working diligently to achieve our vision. Meet the executives who provide our strategic vision and direct our operations.