Turn heart failure
into heart success.

Am I qualified?

Turn heart failure
into heart success.

Am I qualified?

Barostim™ is a novel implantable device for treating Heart Failure with reduced ejection fraction, also known as systolic heart failure.

Barostim stimulates baroreceptors, natural sensors in your body that tell the nervous system how to regulate the heart, kidneys and blood vessels. These effects may reduce the heart’s workload and help it pump more efficiently, alleviating heart failure symptoms like breathlessness, fatigue and swelling.

If medications are not enough and you feel excessively fatigued and/or breathless when going for a walk or up the stairs, Barostim may be right for you.

Barostim reduces symptoms and improves quality of life

of Life

Barostim patients had 3 times greater improvement in quality of life scores than patients on medications alone.

Functional Status

Two out of 3 patients with Barostim improved at least one whole NYHA class in 6 months.

Exercise Capacity

Barostim patients were able to walk 60 meters farther in 6 minutes than patients on medications alone.

High Response Rate

94% of patients had significant improvement in at least one of the three measures.

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Is Barostim right for you?