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HRS 2022: The Baroreflex in Heart Failure and Barostim Clinical Data by Dr. Marat Fudim

8 m

Barostim Therapy Overview and Clinical Data by Dr. John Jefferies

14 m

THT 2022: Barostim Clinical Trial Results and Clinical Experience by Dr. Nirav Raval

16 m

Featured clinical data at THT 2023: Long-term outcomes in the BeAT-HF trial

15 m

Barostim Mechanism of Action and Patient Identification and Case Experience

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HRS 2022: The Need for New Device Therapies in HFrEF by Dr. Jagmeet Singh

6 m

THT 2022: The Need for Device Therapy in HFrEF by Dr. William Abraham

12 m

Barostim Mechanism of Action Animation

2 m

HRS 2022: Barostim Case Experience and Evolving the Implant Procedure by Dr. James Allred

13 m

HRS 2022: Barostim Patient Identification and Real World Experience

43 m

Barostim Patient Selection and Case Experience by Dr. Christina Economides

14 m

THT 2022: The Mechanism of Action and Role of Baroreflex Activation Therapy by Dr. Marat Fudim

13 m

Baroreflex Activation Therapy: A Novel Approach for HFrEF Patients

15 m

HRS 2022: The Baroreflex as a Therapeutic Target in HFrEF by Dr. Gurusher Panjrath

1 h