Barostim NEO


Simple Implantable Device

Barostim is delivered by the Barostim NEO, a small pacemaker-like device designed to electrically stimulate baroreceptors. A small wire, called the carotid sinus lead, is implanted in your neck and connected to the Barostim NEO.


A Safe and Minimally Invasive Procedure

Barostim NEO is implanted in a simple, safe and minimally-invasive procedure and you will probably go home the same day.

The procedure involves two small incisions – one in your neck and one in your chest. Procedures typically take less than an hour.

Barostim is the only device therapy that does not have any hardware in your heart or blood vessels.

Treatment is Tailored to You

Your doctor will schedule routine follow-ups to ensure that the device settings are optimized to best improve your symptoms.

Follow-up is performed wirelessly to your implanted device at the clinic.

I’m back to walking three to four miles a day

Kevie, Implanted with Barostim in 2018