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Keith, Implanted September 2017

"That feeling of tiredness was gone"

Hear from people like you

What is Heart Failure?

Heart failure is a chronic, progressive condition that means your heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet your body’s needs. Basically, your heart can’t keep up with its workload.

What causes Heart Failure?

Heart failure, or chronic heart failure, can be caused by a heart attack, high blood pressure, an imbalance in the nervous system, or other conditions that progressively weaken the heart.

What are the symptoms of Heart Failure?

This condition is generally associated with a sense of fatigue and weakness, shortness of breath, swollen legs and ankles, and often a need to sleep with the head elevated.

Revolutionary Heart Failure Therapy

BAROSTIM THERAPY is designed to trigger your body's natural regulation system by:

  • Relaxing the blood vessels—This makes it easier for blood to flow to the body, putting less pressure on the heart.
  • Regulating heart rate—This helps the heart work more efficiently.
  • Reducing fluid in the body through improved kidney function—This further reduces the heart’s workload and helps relieve congestion and swelling.

BAROSTIM THERAPY has safely shown to significantly reduce the symptoms of heart failure and improve quality of life

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Patients that experienced freedom from major adverse neurological cardiovascular events at 6 months

*Data on file at CVRx

Walk Farther*

Patients that significantly improved their exercise capacity in only 6 months


Feel Better*

Patients that reported a significantly lower impact of symptoms on their daily lives


Who can get the BAROSTIM NEO?

If you answer YES to the questions below then contact your doctor regarding BAROSTIM NEO or reach out to us to be connected to a doctor in your area:

Heart Failure

Has a medical doctor diagnosed you with heart failure?


Are you taking medications prescribed by your doctor to treat your heart failure symptoms?

Persistent Symptoms

Despite taking the medications prescribed by your doctor, does chronic fatigue and breathlessness prevent you from going on a walk or going up the stairs?

Not a candidate for CRT

Do you have an ejection fraction (a measure of heart pumping efficiency) of 35% or less?

Chronic heart failure affects 6.5 million adults in the United States1

Despite significant improvements in the management of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF), these patients continue to have poor life expectancy, frequent heart failure hospitalizations, low quality of life and substantial limitations in exercise capacity. This is especially true for the 59%2-11 of HFrEF patients who may meet the criteria for implantable cardiac defibrillation (ICD), but are not eligible for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT).

What are cardiologists saying about BAROSTIM THERAPY?

Physician Testimonial

Dr. Brian Howard

We implanted the device and he’s just done spectacularly well—much better than we expected without the device. This device for him has changed his trajectory. Instead of being a higher risk heart failure patient, he’s actually a low-risk heart failure patient right now with a very good quality of life. He coaches basketball. He plays basketball. He...pretty much does what he wants, which is my goal for every heart failure patient I take care of.

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BAROSTIM NEO Patient Brochure

BAROSTIM NEO Patient Brochure